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At Singh Auto we offer full circle of services for NSW automobile repair seven hills. All our services are essential for the smooth running of the vehicle. With our services you are guaranteed a smooth and hassle free riding experience. We offer you no reasons to complain.

Equipped with the latest  tools to ensure your vehicles are repaired properly. We have mobile automotive services in instances of motor breakdown when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Our auto repair workshop is run by experienced mechanics, supervised in turn by engineers.  We use the latest automobile workshop equipment to handle your needs. Singh Auto knows how precious your automobile is to you.

Our NSW automobile repair & maintenance services include:

  • Log Book Servicing: At Singh Auto we inspect the automobile minutely in the same way as intended by the manufacturer. We assure that exact checks, measures and replacement of items are carried out leaving nothing to chance.
  • Vehicle Safety Inspection: Various sophisticated machinery running in the automobile are checked with our latest in market automobile workshop equipment. We discover glitches and malfunctions that might lead to dangers in future.
  • Wheel Balancing & Alignment: We make sure wheels are balanced and aligned in proper way. Wheels play an important role in balancing the overall vehicle and making sure there are no unpleasant accidents.
  • Major  & Minor Repairs: Whenever there is need of any repair Singh Auto will be beside you. We have automobile parts and experts to tackle your situation.
  • LPG Installation: If you need LPG conversion then Singh Auto can handle your automobile and make desired modifications.

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